Fleet update

Friday, April 13, 2013

Fleet update Synergy Motors recently updated its expanding fleet with 5 brand new Toyota Innovas and Nissan Sunny so that you can enjoy the sheer power and style on your next road trip.

Drivers' Training Program (STEER by Cognizant Technologies)

Friday, August 27, 2012

Passion is the key to success The STEER program, specially formulated by Cognizant Technologies aims on providing training on safe driving techniques. This weeklong program is attended by our drivers helped them in many ways including health & safety awareness, etiquette, civic sense, body language and soft skills.

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Passion is the key to success

Friday, August 16, 2012

Passion is the key to success Entrepreneur India Magazine recently interviewed Mr. Kanwar Singh.

He shared his business journey and explained how his passion for automobiles helped in developing Synergy Motors a respected brand in the industry.

Read full interview here


Sunday, January 08, 2012

Defensive Drive Program Traveling should be an unforgettable experience at physical and psychological level. Making this possible takes lot more than just sending a car to you. Apart from the regular vehicle check-ups, we prioritize on training our drivers on regular intervals on how they should drive in varying circumstances.

Our Defensive Drive Program is specially crafted by Road Safety experts and trainers.

Traveling experience depends on many elements which can lead to stress. Road traffic, environments changes. physical and mental fitness of driver are some of the critical ones. The topics covered in training mainly focuses on,

  1. Driver Assessment through various physical and mental health check ups
  2. Tackling real life scenarios following traffic rules and road signs
  3. Use safety equipments like seat belts, air bags, fire extinguisher etc.
  4. Accident prevention by handling road rage and controlling speeding
  5. Driving through crowded streets, managing bad weather conditions and vehicle breakdowns, night driving, driving on narrow mountain roads,highways and bridges
  6. Stress and Temperament Management through Yoga and Mediation.
  7. Maintaining etiquette and appearance

A visionary enterpriser

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Defensive Drive Program In this world where money can buy everything, there is something called comfort and consistency in comfort that we keep searching for. Life, especially in metros and of those people who are successful enough to be inspirational have become far too hectic. Most of the travelling business executives spend more time in getting from one place to another than actually during the meetings.

The concept of "Car Rentals" which hence came into the existence has become a very integral part of any business travel. Synergy Group is one such Indian car rental company which has made its journey through all odds. Run by vibrant and young Entrepreneur Mr. Kanwar Singh the company has come a long way through 10 years of its existence providing excellent... Read full article here